7 Reasons Why Every eCommerce Site Needs a Blog

Why do we say this, when we know you already have so much to do as an online business owner? Because blogging—good content on a regular schedule—can help you grow your business in at least seven different ways.

1. Blog posts can improve your store’s SEO

The past couple of years have seen more businesses moving into eCommerce. Lots of local brick-and-mortar stores, retail chains, and even manufacturers that used to sell only to other businesses have all added eCommerce to reach customers stuck at home and make up for lost in-person sales.

2. How-to posts can draw new and returning customers to your store

Whatever you sell, chances are there are customers out there looking for tips on how to use it. This is true for everything from skin care products to sports equipment to home improvement supplies. So, give those customers what they’re looking for, and make your how-to and tutorial posts so useful that people will bookmark them and keep coming back to learn more.

3. A good blog can help grow your eCommerce site’s email list

You probably already know that your email list is the foundation for effective marketing. If your blog offers content that your customers like and can use, it can help you grow your email list so you can get your exclusive offers, promotions and product news in front of more customers, faster.

4. Lifestyle posts can help your ecommerce blog become a hub for loyal customers

Building a community around your brand is a next-level marketing move, and it often starts with a blog. Notice that outdoor-gear retailer REI doesn’t highlight its products in these recent posts.

5. Your store’s blog is a great place to share buying guides for more sales growth

Even if your customers aren’t into one particular lifestyle or set of causes, they all want to get the right products—no matter what those products are. That’s why buying guides are such popular content on eCommerce blogs.

6. You can use some of your ecommerce blog posts for social content to drive more site traffic

Your blog posts will get more visits if they include great, original images. And those images can help your posts get shared more on social media, so you can find new customers and drive new visitors to your store’s blog.

7. Your eCommerce blog can help you find your next employees

If your store is growing, you may be looking to hire new employees. Posting job listings on your blog is one way to let your customers know, but what’s even more effective is creating a blog category that shows visitors what your company is like, who works there and why they like it. PetSmart does this with an entire blog focused on their employee experience, with employee profiles and features on community-service projects their stores host and sponsor.

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