A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting your Reseller Hosting Business

Businesses are all about generating revenue and the right business model can take your profits up a notch. In today’s digital age, almost everyone is online – be it on social media platforms, blogger websites, or online presence of their business. Web hosting is, therefore, becoming an increasingly popular business option and Reseller Hosting is one such business model that helps you with this. In this article, we will explain what Reseller Hosting is and how to start your own web hosting company.

Let us start by understanding what reseller hosting is.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting that helps you run your Reseller business by way of renting out server space. In other words, as a reseller, you rent out server bandwidth, web hosting resources like CPU, RAM, disk space, etc. to different customers. In short, you allow customers to rent your resources, in turn, generating profit.

If you are a web developer or designer then adding web hosting to your services makes your online business a one-stop-shop for all things needed to set up a website. This way the needs of your customers are met and you also earn better revenue.

Let us now move on to understanding Reseller Hosting business startup guide.

Reseller Hosting Business Startup Guide

Step 1:  Figure out your target audience 

You’ve already figured out the niche of your business, now is the time to find your target audience. Figure out who you wish to cater to – is it web developers, designers, online entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc. Once you figure out your target audience you can choose appropriate Reseller Hosting plans to cater to them.

Once you’ve figured this out define your business goals as to how do you plan to grow your business and customer base. Depending on this you can select a Reseller Hosting package from a parent hosting company.

Step 2: Choose a parent hosting company

Choosing your parent hosting company is a vital part of your business goals. The features offered by your host company must align with what you want to offer to your customers. Pricing, software applications, customer support, order management are some of the features that you should consider when selecting your parent host.

One way to ensure you choose the right host is to do thorough research. You could start with reading reviews, calling up customer support, checking their social media channels, comparing pricing models and other review sources

Step 3: Fix a Budget

A big budget is not a precursor to a successful business. All you need to do is invest properly. Post selecting your parent host company, check out its Reseller Hosting plans and select the one that suits your budget. We at SULSERV, cater to all irrespective of the budget – be it the simple starter plan to a pro Reseller Hosting plan for when your business expands.

Step 4: Set your price

Pricing is important. If your packages/products are priced at an exorbitantly high rate as compared to your competitors or you set very low prices, you’re at loss. Either you will lose your customers or you’ll be incurring losses instead of profit. Make sure to set your prices in this range so that you can get both customers, as well as, make a profit. And you can always increase your prices once you’ve established yourself in the industry.

Tip: Always make sure that you don’t charge more than necessary and keep a tab on your competitor pricing and offers. 

Step 5: Promote your business 

Last but not the least, promotion! Marketing your business is one of the most vital steps to finding customers. Once you have a website ready, add relevant information to it so that it is discoverable on search engines. Try taking the help of SEO based keywords to aid your indexing and search engine rankings.

Post this, set up your social media presence and invest in advertising. Once you have a sufficient customer base you can even start sending out emails and focus on email marketing campaigns, building a blog, how-to-videos and more.


Reseller Hosting is the most preferred business type especially if you’re already in the business of providing web design and development to your clients, as it can help you grow your business and help you be a one-stop-solution to all website needs. Nevertheless, even if you’re just starting out it is a great way to make money!

We at SULSERV provide numerous benefits like free cPanel dashboard to help you manage your customers easily, multi-channel 24//7 support via chats, calls, email, social media, unmatched speed, 99.99% uptime and more. Check out our Reseller Hosting plans today to start your own web hosting business.

Hope this Reseller Hosting business startup guide helps you start your web hosting business today!

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