Domains Report October 2020: Stats, Analysis and Highlights of the Month

October marked an exciting entry into the final quarter of 2020. Being updated with the latest in the domain name industry is crucial to success as a domain name marketer or small-business owner. It helps you plan ahead, get stronger and elevate your goals to succeed. October 2020 brought in its own set of highlights and trends, let’s take a look at how things panned out.

Highlights of October 2020

  • At top-spot, we saw .SITE with a total of 20% share of the total registration count
  • .ONLINE secured the 2nd spot with an 18% share of the total numbers registered
  • .XYZ continued to be at 3rd spot with a 13.4% share of the total numbers registered
  • .FUN and .LIVE secured the 4th and 5th spot respectively
  • .ONE made it to the top 15, at 13th position, with a spike of 74.5% in its total registration numbers

Performance of new gTLDs in October

Let us analyse the performance of the key new gTLDs in October 2020.

.SITE secured the first position with the maximum registered gTLDs and contributed to 20% share in the overall new gTLDs registered in October.

Following close behind, .ONLINE moved down to the second spot with an 18% registration share in the overall new gTLDs registered in October.

Maintaining its third place, .XYZ contributed a total of 13% share to the overall registered new gTLDs in October


With a 1.6% hike in its total registration numbers, .FUN claimed the fourth spot in the top 5 new gTLDs registered in the month of October.

Contributing 4.2% share in the overall registration numbers, .LIVE was able to grab the fifth spot in the list.

With an 18% spike in its registration count, at the sixth position .STORE secured its spot in the top 15 registered gTLDs in October.

.LIFE maintained its eighth position in the top 15 registered gTLDs in October.

For the first time in 2020, .ONE made it in the top 15 registered new gTLDs in October at the thirteenth position. Surprisingly there was no special promo running on it, and is priced at $8.99, and it saw a 75% spike in overall registration numbers in the Global markets*.

Run With The Trends!

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*Global market –Germany, US, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Thailand and others fall under the global markets. 

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