How to Find & Fix Your 404 Pages

There are a number of tools designed specifically to help website owners quickly and easily identify all the broken links that are serving 404 errors on a website. Better yet, many of them are free. A few of your top options are:

A number of websites provide free tools for finding broken links. With tools like Broken Link CheckAhrefs Broken Link Checker (pictured below), and Dead Link Checker, all you have to do is plug your website URL in and wait for the website to scan the site for you.

If you have a WordPress website, then you know by now that there’s a plugin for just about everything. Naturally, that includes finding broken links. The free Broken Link Checker plugin will monitor the links on your website, compile a list of the ones that don’t work, and make it easy for you to edit or unlink each one.

One downside of using a plugin like Broken Link Checker is that it can temporarily slow down your site while it’s running, so do keep that in mind when deciding what to use.

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