Understanding the Role of the Control Panel in VPS Hosting

Today irrespective of the size of the company, it has become imperative for all businesses to have a website that showcases the services and products offered. The changing customer buying patterns have forced businesses to remain online 24*7, and one of the ways to be online is via a website. While there are several hosting plans offered by hosting service providers, it becomes difficult for SMEs and startups to manage the technical aspects of operating the website in the absence of a dedicated IT team.

Over the past few years, the trend has changed towards offering a control panel or cPanel along with not just VPS or Dedicated servers, but with Shared servers too. Controlling, administering, and monitoring the tasks of the end-users become hassle-free with the control panel.

Role of Control Panel in VPS Hosting

Using a VPS Hosting has its own set of benefits such as stability, performance, dedicated resources, flexibility, and more. If you also get a cPanel with your VPS Hosting, there are comprehensive tools that are available at your disposal.

  1. Domain & File Management: Even if you have more than one domain or subdomain of your existing domain, the control panel makes it extremely easy to manage anything from an addon domain to a parked domain. cPanel enables you to manage domains with a few clicks, eliminating the need to run commands. Monitoring storage usage becomes seamless with the cPanel. You can also edit as well as backup files and folders from the control panel.
  2. Security: Security of your website is a critical factor that if not handled properly, can lead to serious consequences. Using your cPanel, it is possible to block IP addresses, set up access restrictions, add SSL/TLS, configure password-protected directories, and protect the site with added features such as MoD Security. The VPS server also comes with its own resources and OS, which can be rebooted and configured.
  3. Mail Management: This is one of the most common cPanel features used by an average user.In a nutshell, using your web hosting control panel, you can control all aspects of your emails.
  4. Databases and Logs: A Control panel allows you to use databases to manage data storage and even restrict access to data. From your control panel, you can also monitor the performance of your website by using the analytical data.
  5. Configuration: Using your VPS cPanel, you can also configure the virtual private server akin to a Dedicated Server. You can set the server hostname, assign IP servers & nameservers, and configure the mail servers. These features make your virtual private server as close to a dedicated server as possible.

VPS Hosting Control Panel Features For Enterprise

A control panel is a tool that brings a lot of features for the resellers and enterprises too. Enterprises can also support IPv6 and monitor the services with alerts.

The VPS control panel, with its added benefits, is suitable for a wide range of users from administrators to end-users.
Web professionals can optimize service management operations and their web presence using the control panel. SMEs can also purchase more resources and then offer reseller packages.


Control panel is something that is no longer an added feature. It is essential for every user – right from a business owner to an enterprise – that is offering Reseller Hosting services.

The most renowned VPS Hosting control panels are cPanel control panel and Plesk control panel.
However, it only supports CentOS and Cloud Linux OS, limiting its wide-scale application.

Plesk control panel has its own set of loyal users which includes experienced and new users alike. However, hosting service providers are increasingly including the Plesk control panel in the hosting plan. So, it is essential for you to compare the control panel feature, too while taking the final decision to purchase.

The VPS Hosting plan offered by SULSERV includes a Plesk Onyx control panel.

We hope this blog helped clear your doubts regarding the role of the control panel in VPS Hosting. If you have any suggestions or queries, kindly add them in the comments section below.

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