What are the Advantages of Opting for Fully Managed Cloud Hosting Services?

With the growing need to establish an effective online presence, more and more businesses are looking for reliable web hosting solutions for their websites. Over the years, multiple web hosting services like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting, have gained prominence due to their advanced hosting and storage architecture. Amongst them, Cloud Hosting, particularly, has emerged to be the hosting platform of choice for businesses, big or small, due to the multiple benefits it offers.

In this article, we will look at Cloud Hosting and discuss the meaning and benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting solutions.

What is Cloud Hosting? 

Cloud Hosting is a type of website hosting where multiple websites are hosted over a single physical server, whereas the websites’ data is stored across multiple servers. This ensures advanced data security, high uptime and seamless data restore. Cloud Hosting employs advanced cloud storage platforms like Ceph, which mirror the data across three different locations in real-time. Data mirroring accords a high level of security to your website data. When the primary server fails, the onus is seamlessly shifted to the secondary server, and the data is automatically restored from there. The primary server simultaneously undergoes repairs. This seamless backup, transition, and restore guarantees high uptime with Cloud Hosting.

Who Should Opt for Managed Cloud Hosting?

It is the IT staff and the technical professionals who render all of the needed support.

Organizations that are new or lack the technical know-how of website hosting must invest in fully Managed Cloud Hosting services.

Advantages of Fully Managed Cloud Hosting Services

  1. Dedicated Customer Support: One of the reasons why Managed Cloud Server Hosting is better for most of the organizations is the fact that they provide exceptional customer support services.Where few lack the needed expertise, others have a small investment budget, disrupting their customer support services.
    Managed Cloud Hosting comes with 24×7 support services. Starting with software updates to hosting management, site enhancement, and performance monitoring, the managed hosting solution encompasses all.
  2. Improved Security: Migrating to Cloud Hosting definitely offers multiple benefits. However, one thing that obstructs users from moving to the Cloud is their concerns about data privacy and website security.
  3. Advanced Caching: Another important consideration relating to Managed Cloud Hosting is the ability to employ automated caching facilities. Managed Cloud Hosting has prebuilt packages equipped with caching features
    Conventionally, Cloud Hosting mandates the website owners to optimize their cache to improve the performance.
  4. Easy Workload: In the absence of managed hosting, the website owners had to manually set up the infrastructure, install hardware and connect with the software.
    Thanks to the availability of Managed Cloud Hosting, the business owner simply needs to worry about his business.
  5. Automated Recovery and Backup: As mentioned above, with Managed Cloud Hosting, it is the service provider who has the responsibility of tracking the entire website and performing regular updates to keep the same at par with the industrial trends. They also execute backup operations on the website on a regular and timely basis. So, the business owners no longer need to keep an eye on the update notifications panel.
  6. Regular Monitoring: In addition to all of the above, managed hosting services come with regular checks and performance measurements.

Final Word 

Opting for Managed Cloud Hosting would cost organizations a little more than they spend on the traditional hosting solutions. However, considering the plethora of benefits, managed services are worth the money. Often, hosting solutions fail to provide the uptime, adhere to the request, or secure data. All of this accounts for the loss of business and hence, choosing the right hosting platform is crucial.

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