What is the nationality of the service provider?
It is a partnership between Data Center in Germany Under the auspices
of a professional team in the Middle East for easy
communication with Arabs and all over the world
How can you communicate with us?
You can get our contact information through the Contact Us page
Is it necessary to pay the cost before starting to benefit from the service?
Yes you must pay all dues before activating the required service
Do you provide a refund money system?
We do not provide a refund system for the amount paid under any circumstances,
whether the sums paid are as a cost for required services or to charge the balance for future use
What are the methods available for payment and participation in the paid services?
We accept a variety of payment methods available to all bank accounts, Western Union and Vodafone Cash
What is your backup system?
All sites are backed up daily, weekly and monthly
How long will it take to setup my account?
The time required to activate the site depends on the payment method used to pay for
services, but the time usually does not exceed 24 hours from the time the cost is paid.
What is the level of protection on the servers ?
Our servers are subject to a careful protection system and we have a special team to fill
in any vulnerabilities that are discovered
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