As a contract between the client and Sulserv Hosting

Terms of Use

In the event that the customer wants to assign the service to another person, he must submit a request through the Customer Service Center and attach a hand-written copy attached to it with a copy of the national identity of both parties

The national identity is the basic document to prove ownership of the membership in which the service is added, and it is required upon loss or a request for an amendment to the account of membership

Sulserv is not responsible for damages resulting from natural disasters such as hurricanes, cable breaks, fire, or the like

Any deal related to the sale or purchase of a technical or commercial service provided by Sulserv does not depend if it is not via the electronic system

In the event that Sulserv receives a complaint against any information, whether it is related to hosting departments, domains, or technical support, and believes that the complaint deserves investigation and investigation, the service is suspended and the opponent party is informed until the subject of the allegation is resolved

It is strictly forbidden to upload files that violate the law, and in the event that this occurs, the service will be withdrawn without any responsibility on Sulserv

The previous clauses are the general terms for all services, sub-clauses for each service are split from them, and the customer is bound by the agreement for the requested service

It is strictly forbidden to deal in an inappropriate manner With technical support or sales, otherwise your service will be permanently suspended if you were a previous customer

The employment agreement is a binding contract between the customer and Sulserv, it applies to all customers and users, and both parties must comply with it.

In the event that the client is unable to fulfill the financial obligations, the matter is raised to the management to request an exception and to obtain a grace period for payment, and Sulserv studies the request and gives the response to the client, whether by acceptance or rejection, according to what sulserv sees

Once the customer submits a request for the requested service, he becomes bound by this agreement in the event that he reads or does not read it and is not entitled in any way to request the refund of the paid money

An electronic bill arrives to all customers showing their financial dues and the system specifies a specific period in the event of non-payment within this period, the system closes services automatically and then deletes them if payment is not made and the customer is not entitled to demand backup copies or information about the service

Sulserv undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of customer information as an essential part of the order and privacy policy

Payment and renewal of services in US dollars or its equivalent in other currencies

Terms and Conditions Use Agreement is a binding contract between
the customer and SUlserv's hosting

Terms and Conditions

Shared & Resellers Hosting

Sulserv hosting uses the cloud system, which is responsible for the failure of a site to exceed the percentage allocated to it to ensure that it does not affect the rest of the customers in terms of consumption by no more than 10% of the server's resources

Sulserv Hosting has the right to stop its hosted websites at any time for the maintenance or renewal of the server, which will permanently guarantee the best service to customers

Web hosting is not suitable for hosting download centers, as you need special servers

Technical support does not mean technical support for the host's site, the host is directly responsible for the support and maintenance of his sites and filling their gaps and everything related to them

In the event that the customer requests a backup copy, a ticket must be opened at the hosting technical support department

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The client’s receipt of the server is considered an acknowledgment by him of all responsibility for the server and what goes on inside it, as well as what it contains of sites and materials

In the event that the client wants to cancel the server, the request must be submitted 5 days before the renewal date

Sulserv hosting is obligated to send notifications at least a week before the date of service renewal

The renewal amount must be paid at least 2 days before the appointment

The customer is not entitled to more than 25% of the processors on shared servers, and if this percentage is exceeded, we have the right to temporarily suspend the server.

The customer is responsible for the plan he is requesting, and if the need is not enough, the responsibility falls on the customer, and the customer can upgrade in the next month if the subscription is monthly

Terms and Conditions VPS & DEDICATED SERVERS

Terms and Conditions

Website and logos design

In the event that the customer submits a programming or design request or other other services and wants to cancel the request for any reason after the amount has been transferred, the customer is not entitled to request a refund of any amount paid.

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