VPS vs. Dedicated Server How to Pick Your Better Option

As your business or creative projects take off, you may outgrow your current hosting plan. Maybe your e-commerce site is so popular that it needs more server resources than your shared hosting plan provides. Maybe your web design business needs more sandbox space to put up test sites for your clients. Or your hosting reseller business is blowing up and you’re ready for the next level. Do You Need VPS Hosting? A VPS might be your best […]


What is a VPN and How Does it Work?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Essentially, a VPN creates a private and secure network, which then extends across your entire network connection. It offers you a way to remain anonymous online, while securing any data that passes over the connection. Before any data passes over a network connection first it’ll pass through the VPN. The VPN will then encrypt the traffic and pass it […]


What Is an IP Address Anyway?

Internet Protocol (IP) was first created in the 1970’s to connect the first computers to each other and allow them to send and receive packets of information. Today, every device that connects to the internet requires an IP address. An example IP address that many people will recognize is: However, that is not really your IP address, it is the IP address your router […]

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