How to Choose a Company Name for Your Hosting Business?

What makes people, customers and consumers remember the name of a company is when it has certain elements to it. Such as length, simplicity, uniqueness, sound, and emotion.
When you are choosing the name for your company, it will be a huge advantage if you can incorporate these elements.

With this article, we will help all you entrepreneurs in choosing a name for your hosting business. You will learn and understand, which factors need to be considered and how to arrive at the company name of your choice which can resonate with your values and your audience.

This is how you can go about while choosing the name for your company:

Something that people really struggle with when it comes to choosing a name is that it ‘it should be unique and ‘there should not be anyone else with the same name’. In a digital world that is going to be hard where there are many companies worldwide offering the same services. But then, how do you stand out. Here are some pointers that will help you surely.

1. Brainstorm and put all your ideas down
To begin with, put down whatever is inside your head on a piece of paper. You will definitely have some ideas or some names to start off with. Put them all down and try saying them and see how it feels. Test it with yourself first. Even if you don’t like this name it is okay, because they are just ideas, to begin with. To navigate yourself in the right direction, here is what you can do. Ask yourself- ‘what do we do as a business and what value will it add to your customer’s life?’ For. e.g. if your reseller web hosting business is about getting a site up and ready quickly with good support, then you can think of ideas around support and assistance and work around themes like partners, teammates, etc. You can take this line of thought and pen down some more ideas.

2. Play to your strengths
As an extension to the point, we mentioned above, think about your strengths as a company. Let us say, as a hosting company, your strengths lie in uptime and storage space. You can play around with these ideas and have your name around consistency or even data. Customers take this as you being a specialist and can recognize your business name by your assets or your strengths.

3. Make sure it is easy to pronounce
This is basic. Every name that should be there on the face of the earth must be easy to pronounce and say because it is easy to remember and sticks inside the head. New company names are no different from this logic. So ensure that from the ideas that you have for your company name, the name is easy and relevant to your core category (web hosting). This way, people will know what you are into and what you are going to offer as a company.

Additionally, choose a name from your set of name ideas that are persuasive in nature. Meaning, you need to choose a name so that it allows your consumers to make sense out of it. Our brains are designed to understand the pragmatic meaning and logical reasoning behind every communication that comes its way. So, while having a company name or company name ideas, make sure that it is easy to pronounce and has meaning as well.

4. Let the name be distinctive and legally protectable
One thing that can definitely be avoided is the similarity of names. If you really want to stand out and leave your customers with a unique taste without confusion, make sure your company name is unique and not take by anyone. A starting point to do this check is by going on Google ad checking for it, or even whois to check if someone has parked a domain by that name. In that case, if someone has parked a domain and does not yet have a company by that name, you can buy it. Secondly, by having a unique name, you can ensure that it is protected legally by taking advice from experts and signing up with your country’s registration firms. Make sure that no one takes it. This will help you seal a name for your company within and outside your category too.

5. Ensure that it is scalable
This pointer is similar to the third one where we talk about being easy to pronounce. In the sense, it helps you to expand to other countries. If you have chosen a name, make sure it does not mean something else or something derogatory in another country. Chances are that if you are a reseller web hosting company and you have clients sitting in a country far off in Asia or Africa or the Middle East, you should make sure that in their context your company name does not mean something vague or demeaning at the same time.

As we close

Naming a company should come from a sentiment of value and service
Till then, take care, good luck naming your company, and keep reading!

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