What Is VPS Hosting and Why High Traffic Websites Opt for It

This is due to the fact that all the resources are being shared by multiple websites hosted on that server. To an extent, website owners find the resolution of this problem by migrating to VPS Hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

However, unlike a Shared Hosting plan, the performance of each virtual server is independent of other servers.

Advantages of VPS Which Make it a Better Choice for High Traffic Websites

  1. Increased Reliability: A Shared Hosting server may start to lag or experience downtime if the traffic inflow increases.
  2.  But with VPS Hosting, you can install the operating system of your choice.
  3. Take total control over the server: In addition to the software freedom with VPS Hosting, you get complete root access for your virtualized environment. Also, security applications are an important part of managing traffic management.
  4. Better security: Cyber attackers and spammers usually target websites with high traffic inflow. The virtual environment and account isolation of VPS Hosting makes it less vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.
  5. Seamless Scalability: If you are running an e-commerce website, you would have experienced a traffic spike during the sale period.
  6. Customer support: While VPS Hosting plans come with full root access, managing it can be difficult for users with no prior technical knowledge. This is where round-the-clock, dedicated expert support comes into the picture


VPS Server Hosting offers the much-needed customizability, flexibility, control and scalability that high-traffic websites need. These features, along with, cost-effectiveness and security, make VPS Hosting the viable choice for high-traffic websites.

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