When Should I Use VPS Hosting?

VPS is a common next step after your site has outgrown the limits of a basic shared hosting plan. It’s a nice in-between for those who don’t want to upgrade to a fully dedicated server but can no longer use shared hosting.

So, what is VPS hosting used for? Take a look at the situations below:

  • You need speed and performance. If your site is growing in size and you’re experiencing a higher volume of traffic, then you’ll need a hosting plan that can keep up. VPS hosting is scalable and can support large and high-traffic sites.
  • You need a custom server setup. With a VPS server you get more control over your server environment. Not only do you get root server access but you’ll have the ability to choose your own operating system and make other customizations as well.
  • You want flexible server resources. With VPS hosting you can more easily scale up your server resource needs as your site grows, or you’re experiencing a large volume of traffic. Since you’re not constrained to a single physical server it’s much easier to expand your resource requirements.

Essentially, a VPS offers you offers you the same benefits that a private server will give you, all while sharing the cost of hosting services.

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