What is Email Segmentation & How Does It Work?

What exactly is email segmentation? You may have run into the term when you set up your email marketing tools or even on this blog while trying to figure out how to use your email list. It’s pretty simple: Email segmentation means sorting your subscriber list into different groups, aka segments. Then you can tailor your marketing messages to each segment, so your customers are more likely to act on […]


7 Reasons Why Every eCommerce Site Needs a Blog

Why do we say this, when we know you already have so much to do as an online business owner? Because blogging—good content on a regular schedule—can help you grow your business in at least seven different ways. 1. Blog posts can improve your store’s SEO The past couple of years have seen more businesses moving into eCommerce. Lots of local brick-and-mortar stores, retail chains, […]


VPS vs. Dedicated Server How to Pick Your Better Option

As your business or creative projects take off, you may outgrow your current hosting plan. Maybe your e-commerce site is so popular that it needs more server resources than your shared hosting plan provides. Maybe your web design business needs more sandbox space to put up test sites for your clients. Or your hosting reseller business is blowing up and you’re ready for the next level. Do You Need VPS Hosting? A VPS might be your best […]

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